The Benefits of Having Interactive Content

Interactive Content is trending in more ways than one. Digital marketers across the globe can now deliver a unique user experience. Creating inspirational content that is interactive is important. Help your business reach new audiences, new heights and increase conversion rates.

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to find and engage your audience. It’s all about creating and sharing; interesting, valuable, relevant and useful content. This will successfully build brand awareness and consumer confidence in your products and services. Ultimately, content should drive desirable customer action.

How can interactive content help?

Did you know that 86% of B2B marketers today are using content marketing? 70% are creating more content today than they were a year ago. This stuff does work. Yet marketers are still struggling to create the sort of content that keep readers engaged and returning for more. Also, too many of us are creating content that simply gets lost in newsfeeds.

Modern marketers know how difficult it can be to keep audiences entertained, interested and coming back. And the truth is, what marketers can achieve depends highly on the budget as well as making full use of existing resources, which can prove difficult because it can be limiting to what we can achieve. That’s why thinking creatively is vital!

Plus, all the above is tasked with the growing expectations of proving and improving your ROI, so the demand for finding new solutions that will deliver results across the board is also very important.

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All marketers need solutions that engage their audience so that prospects can transition into being highly qualified leads, and sales can be closed more quickly. The good news is, there are new and practically free methods of integrating interactive resources as part of your content- simply google it!

But how can you benefit from interactive content? Marketers use interactive content to create stand-alone experiences, such as ROI calculators or personal assessments, or layer into existing content to build things like interactive infographics, interactive videos, and interactive white papers. These are all fantastic features to have.

Here’s a breakdown of what your content should be doing, and what kinds of content can help you to achieve these needs. Remember, interactive content comes in many shapes and sizes, but here are an example of the most popular types:

Assessments can be Interactive Content

Using a series of questions, users fall into one of several categories. A good example is the classic Cosmo Quiz setup.

Remember, interactive content is a way to have a conversation with your audience. Interactivity brings the energy and persuasive power whether it’s through a landing page, blog, email newsletter, paid media ads or anywhere else you might find your audience or potential customers.

Cosmo Quiz

This is a quiz by Cosmo Magazine online, identifying what kind of relationship you have by asking eight simple questions. These kind of quizzes are popular, and can be similarly made to suit your business purposes. You could really engage your audience on a fun and unique level, which will make you favourable and memorable in the digital realm.

Also, the key thing to consider is that by educating your audience, you are also educating yourself about them. You receive valuable, detailed profile information about your prospect’s pains, challenges, goals, and thought process. That data can directly help you identify a target, qualify a prospect, and guide your audience down a specific path in their buyer’s journey.


Answer options are plugged into a back-end set of calculations that writes a personalised, numeric result for the user. The most popular kind are health or business related calculators.

This website is called and the whole concept surrounds being able to access all kinds of calculators, you can easily integrate this kind of numeric solution which can be adopted to your business model.

Nike, Adidas and all sporting websites utilise calories counters, fat burning calculators and so forth. It’s amazing how you can tailor simple interactive features, which will increase your conversion rates.

How? By following up with additional specific pieces of content that address (and ideally help solve) their issues or problem. Your content can now ask and answer questions for your audience.

Also, part of why it works is because people generally cannot seem to resist the call to test themselves, compete, compare, share their opinion, and have fun. At the same time, there’s a give and take with the content that allows the user to get a very different result or next step in their content journey based on how they answered – and that personalisation is very appealing.


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Trivia or Crossword

The “pub quiz” style, trivia includes questions with right and wrong answers with a scored output. Here is a great example from Buzzfeed Quiz.

BuzzFeed was one of the early starters with content that provokes and persists in social media. But it’s just starting to pick up in the B2B marketing world. Until recently, it’s been hard and expensive for the majority of marketers to create innovative content at scale – often requiring custom development, agency time, and serious budgets. But, not anymore!

Cross words

This kind of interactive content is fantastic, because if you can tap into an audience that is searching for something fun and exercising to unwind to on their journey home or whilst having a lazy sunday, then this is definitely something worth integrating into your content marketing!

Advances like interactive content in marketing technology have enabled B2B marketers to catch up to consumer brands and media companies: many are now using interactive content to build larger databases, develop rich prospect profiles, and improve lead scoring or conversion rates.

SMB’s and large enterprises like EMC, Cisco and Oracle alike are using interactive content to start conversations and add value for their buyers. So, why don’t you? Need our help?


Method of gathering feedback, opinions, and valuable insight from your users – usually in the form of a questionnaire with no right or wrong answers. Here is fantastic example from Boots.

polls and surveys

By allowing your customers to give you feedback, you are essentially gathering vital information which can help you better your products and services. If you offer an incentive in return, you will sustain a worthy relationship with your customers, and increase the fold of returning customers too!

One reason interactive content is so powerful is because it gives the user immediate tailored results they care about. Actively answering questions or participating in interactive content guides prospects to specific results in real time that address their problems, challenges, or ideas.

Games are Interactive Content

If you have a blog or a section on your website which you can dedicate a section just for fun, then offering your visitors a game is fun and it keeps the user happy. Also, it makes your social media marketing more visible and entertaining. However, finding something inline with your industry or sector is wise, since you don’t want to lose potential customers, or adopt unworthy ones due to poor SEO as a result.

increase your followers

Expand your Interactive Content strategy

Think of interactive content as one component of your overall marketing strategy, not as a brand new strategy. Wherever and however you use traditional content today, you could layer in interactivity.

Interactive calls to action drive higher click-throughs and conversions than static CTAs. There’s a reason Buzzfeed bet on quizzes: they’re inherently social and shareable. Use a quiz to boost social sharing, or a contest to get your users engaged!

Turn your blog into a lead generating channel with interactive content embedded (complete with a lead form) right in your blog content. Visual and interactive email content grabs prospect attention, driving higher click-throughs and conversions, leading to better ROI.

As long as new content is distributed regularly, it’s ok to mix your content to gain greater understanding of trends and interest. Including interactive stuff is the best option. This will ultimately give your business bigger opportunities to catch more leads as well as seize new opportunities with fresh content ideas.

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