A beautiful life starts with a beautiful Childhood

Ferhan Özbaniça is a passionate entrepreneur with a burning desire to help parents raise intelligent and happy children that live a beautiful life. She started Kiddie Home to bring quality toys and childroom interior to the Turkish market. After searching high and low for products for her own childs beautiful life, she realised that this was a market opportunity in Turkey.

Ferhan is a mother and when she was expecting her little bundle of joy, she started looking for interior for the childroom. She quickly realized that she had to look to European suppliers to find interior that suited her taste and needs.

“I wanted to create a beautiful nursery with colorful interior, because I want my child to have happy memories,” Ferhan said. “ I strongly believe that the first years of a child’s life will lay the foundation for the person you end up to be. And that’s why it is so important for any parent to make their best efforts to create an environment which stimulate and educate their child for a beautiful life.”


Ferhan decided to establish Kiddie Home when she understood that it was impossible to find the products she liked in Turkey. She started to visit fairs and got connections in all the best design houses and toy companies.

Then she realised that; to successfully grow her business she needed to have a nice webshop. This would make it easy for other parents to find her products and services.

As an entrepreneur in today’s digital world Cloudnames think you have to be your best online to achieve success. “To me it was obvious that I had to make my products available for online purchase” said Ferhan.

Getting in touch with potential customers

The next step when you have a good website is to get people to visit it. “I was not so experienced with marketing, but realized that I had to focus on digital marketing,” said Ferhan. “So I started to search for information on internet. That’s when I came across Cloudnames. I was impressed by all the valuable information that was shared on Cloudnames blog and all their useful guides!”

The wise entrepreneur contacted Cloudnames, and agreed that Cloudnames would help her develop a Digital Strategy for Kiddie Home. We built a blog for Kiddie Home and  recommended Social Media marketing to get visitors to the Kiddie Home beautiful life website.

Social Media can be a very cost effective way to attract visitors to your website. And with the right tracking code on your website you will eventually be able to remarket to an audience that is interested in your products and services.


Ferhan want to share useful and valuable content on her blog, and hope that potential customers will appreciate her tips and ideas. (Click the image to visit it)

Content Marketing and Blogging for a beautiful life

Ferhan absolutely loved the idea of creating a beautiful life blog for Kiddie Home. “I have so much useful information that I want to share with other parents. The last five years I have made lot’s of research about how you can raise strong, happy and intelligent kids. I think there is many parents and other family members out there that are just as curious as I am. I really hope I can help them with my blog articles,” Ferhan said with a glow in her eyes.

Kiddie Home will publish 2-3 new articles every week. It will be about parenthood, valuable tips and insights on raising beautiful life kids. Kiddie Homes motto is: “A beautiful life starts with a beautiful childhood.” Here at Cloudnames we are proud to help Kiddie Home reach out to as many people as possible.

Content Marketing is all about sharing valuable and interesting content to reach out to an interested and engaged audience. Using a blog is the best way to present this content for your audience.

Kiddie Home blog will focus on how parents can contribute to happy childhood memories and making a solid fundament when raising their kids. The blog will be about how to raise strong, independent and healthy kids, outdoor activities, quality time, sleeping habits, developing kids intelligence and parenthood. At Cloudnames we believe this blog will be a huge success.

Future plans for beautiful life

Kiddie Home engaged Cloudnames to redesign Kiddie Home’s website, develop a Digital Strategy and manage their Digital Marketing. We will run Content Marketing with Facebook adverts as step number one.

The first few months our focus will be to drive visitors to Kiddie Home’s blog. In the blog posts there will be Call To Action (CTA’s). It will include links to the webshop for anyone that may be interested in Kiddie Home’s products. This initial phase is important to build an audience for later remarketing activities.

Later this summer, Cloudnames will redesign the website and focus on “conversions”. This means that we will improve the user interface and make the customer journey more appealing.

With the new ecommerce solution in place, Kiddie Home will increase the marketing budget and reach out to more engaged parents. “I hope we will be remembered as a brand that brought educational toys and colorful, joyful, fun and exciting interior for kids development,” Ferhan said.

We asked Faran how she liked working with Cloudnames? “You are doing all you can to deliver according to plan. I was expecting to be pushing you, but now I experience that you are pushing me forward instead. I am so happy to be working with an experienced team. Cloudnames know how to succeed with Digital Marketing and I have learnt a lot from the process. I can safely recommend everyone that need a website or Digital Marketing to contact Cloudnames,” Ferhan said.

We wish Ferhan all the best of luck with her new Digital Strategy. We hope she will reach a huge number of engaged parents with her beautiful content!

What we do at Cloudnames

Cloudnames can help with everything you need to be your best online. We can handle your complete Digital Strategy, Website, Social media profiles, Digital Marketing and all the complicated technical details. These services are designed to effectively grow your revenue online.

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