A Passionate Musician Living in a Digital World

Gökcan Sanliman has hit the music scene with his new album ‘Yasim Tutmuyor Mutluluga”. It’s not the first time we’ve heard of the young and talented music artist.

With two former albums, Gökcan organically grew a social media following. Which, is slowly rocking digital spaces like Facebook and Instagram. The singer and songwriter is back on the radar with new and original material, and now he’s got bigger plans!

Known by Cloudnames as; The Passionate Musician Living in a Digital World. 


The Music Artist

At Cloudnames we work with music artists among others in different business sectors. We love the creative environment that surrounds the music industry. After many inspirational moments we wanted to know more about Gökcan Sanliman.

We cornered the talented musician when he visited our offices -to plan his Social Media strategy. We discussed with him his passion for music and future plans.

Gökcan Sanliman came to Cloudnames because he required a new brilliantly designed website to reach out to his fans on Social Media. He wanted to provide an interactive platform where he could share news, events and concerts as well as write blogs about his musical lifestyle, all for his fans and followers!

Be Your Best Online

At Cloudnames we are confident that any Musician must be their best online to promote their music and connect with fans. The music industry has changed dramatically over the last 20 years and we expect even bigger changes over the next coming five years.

We wanted to know where Gökcan’s passion for music comes from? The young star told us that music was always a part of his life;

“I got my first guitar when I was in mid school. By the time I was in high-school I started playing in an amateur band, it was a brilliant experience” -Gökcan said.

Yet, the singer only got serious about his music career once he attended university, and he found himself right on stage with the first sign of growing fans.

Gökchan stated:

“My first album called ‘Yesterday’ was in English and it debuted once I graduated from university. It gave me an opportunity to sing and record my favourite classics.

Since then I have been performing on stage, writing lyrics and composing my own songs. My new album ‘Yaşım Tutmuyor Mutluluğa’ has just been released, and I’m excited about hitting the music scene with raw material.”

Telling Stories

So, we wondered who Gökcan’s biggest musical influences were? The young musician told us that his style and music is influenced by everything he listens to. He stated:

“There is nobody that I particularly idolise, however I am a big fan of Elvis Presley.” Gökcan’s archive consists of important names such as Beatles, Bob Dylan, Queen and Arctic Monkeys.

Like many of us, Gökcan also appreciates music by well-known Turkish musicians like MFÖ, Barış Manço and Tanju Okan, he adds: “ I love Turkish Classical Music too, this genre has totally inspired me.”

But, what did the young star want to achieve with his music?

Sanliman said:

“I can’t say that I have a specific aim, it’s simply a way of expressing myself. I reflect my feelings and my experiences through music. That’s why I spend so much time writing lyrics, because I want to be a good storyteller and affect people’s lives and be a part of their journey.”

An important part of Gökcan’s new website is his blog. He want to use the blog to connect with his fans on a deeper level.

“I want to share my ideas about music, but also everything that comes to mind. I write music because I love to tell stories, and I plan to use my blog to share my stories with my fans,” Gökcan said.

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Working With Cloudnames

We wanted to know why this talented musician chose Cloudnames? Thankfully, he only had wonderful things to say:

“I came across an advert from Cloudnames on Facebook and left my phone number. Cloudnames got in touch, and I was invited to their offices to meet the crew. I felt welcomed and have been totally satisfied by their professionalism. We have further discussions going on about Social Media Marketing, so here I am- ready to get the ball rolling.”

We wondered why a website was so important for the talented star. And, he had a close to perfect answer:

“A website is important because I need to let my fans and followers know who I am and what my music is all about. I want them to be able visit my page and listen to my songs and watch my video clips right away. I think a website is home for a singer’s music in this Digital world.”

Slick Design

When Cloudnames designed Gökcan’s website, we used his vision in the creative process. Just like his character, together we opted for a smart and slick design. You can visit the new website on www.gokcansanliman.com .

Gökcan declares:

“My fans are now able to reach my blog posts, news and concert announcements. They can purchase my music and quickly connect with me on social media. My site is interactive and easily directs my fans from social media through to my website. I love it!”

Cloudnames used a darker and warmer tones and colours with highly clean cut images and precision detail when designing and developing Gökcan’s website. This was inline with ideas that came from his new album, which Gökcan described as:

“ My album has a modern feel but has been nourished by the warmer sounds of Turkish music. The album is a whole story of pessimism, doom, sarcasm or moody attributes, it reflects the darker dynamics of life.”

We were fascinated by Gökcan’s new music project. We wanted to know more about his album, and he was happy to explain:

“My new album ‘Yaşım Tutmuyor Mutluluğa’ was released by Avrupa Muzik at the end of February. My Album includes 9 songs, all the lyrics has been written by me with my producer Haluk Kuruosman; we worked non-stop for 15 months to create the album. The results are for my fans to judge.”

Gökcan had a message to relay onto his mega fans and followers. And here it is ladies and gentlemen:

“I love you all, so much! It is very important to have you by my side. Keep supporting and listening to my music. I am so lucky to have you all!”

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