There is a digital
revolution changing our entire planet!
-We are digital change agents

Every business needs to adapt and make necessary changes

The digital revolution is exponential. You need to have a Digital Strategy if you want to be successful in acquiring new customers online. We help our customers understand how to maximise results from digital channels.

We help customers get more customers

Digital Marketing is the most effective way to attract new customers, if it is done the right way. We would love to help you develop a digital strategy, improve your website and drive traffic from your target audience.


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Experienced founders
& passionate team


Our history

With over 20 years of experience, the founders of Cloudnames are experts in IT, Digital Marketing & Mobile services. Once leaders of successful companies like:

The Internet company RiksNett (1996), European hosting company Active 24 (1998), the Scandinavian consulting company Integrate (2004) & Domain registrar Dot Global (2011)


How we can help

Cloudnames is a digital agency that can help you with everything you need to be your best online.

We have realized that the development of technology is accelerating and that no business can succeed today without a practical and detailed digital strategy, a functional website, excellent software solutions, GDPR compliance and efficient digital marketing.


Your future

Rest assure that the future will bring huge changes in all parts of your business. Notice that all the most valuable companies on the planet all are investing in the future.

So, the question you need to figure out: Are you going to take a leading position and change your sector – or be disrupted by your competition? Contact us today to learn more about what you can do today!

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Meet our team
Digital marketing experts


Pål Storehaug
CEO Turkey

Pål is the CEO Cloudnames. He’s a serial entrepreneur from Norway, living in Istanbul. He has worked for global enterprises like Apple, Xerox and Telenor.


Jan Sollid Storehaug
CEO Norway

Jan is the CEO of Tenk Digital and manages Cloudnames clientele in Norway. Jan’s successful background in Technology brings great leadership to the table.


Leyla Ok
Director of Operation

Director of Cloudnames and business consultant, Leyla ensures the smooth running and management of CN globally, and caring for our valued customers.


Selen Irfan
Marketing Project Manager

Selen’s an expert in Social Media, Google Adwords & Analytics. Playing a key role in advertising and design, Selen is fantastic with identifying customer needs.


Simen Lied
Technical Project Manager

Passionate about Internet Tech. Simen loves challenges & research involved with his work. If he doesn’t know the answer, he’ll most definitely find the solution.


Onur Gozupek
Technical Advisor

Onur is an independent expert in web development & crypto -currency. Every now and then he advises Cloudnames on technical stuff on a freelance basis.


Oguz Durmaz
Web Developer and Designer

Oguz is an expert web developer and designer. He loves to test and try new features all the time. So, if you have a crazy design idea, he’d be the ideal person to talk to.

cloudnames employee

Sahan Muratoglu
Jnr. Web Designer

Sahan is a Junior Web Designer. He has brilliant SEO skills and brings a fresh outlook to the table. As a new addition, we look forward to seeing his magic.


Tor Kvande-Pettersen
Project Manager

Tor has more than 20 years experience in the hospitality sector in Norway. He puts service at the forefront and his aim is to have 100% satisfied customers.

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