Give Birth To Your Business With a New Domain Name

Give Birth To Your Business With a New Domain Name. There are hundreds of new top level domain name extensions that have launched thellos year. If you’re looking for a suitable domain name for your business, you have great potential to grab a unique address. The good news is; new extensions can increase your search rankings as well as help increase your revenue online.

Have you ever tried to find a good .com domain name? Unless you’re extremely creative or lucky, it’s really hard to find a meaningful domain name with the classic extensions.

But now, hundreds of new extensions make it possible to find really cool names. An example is our customer Kahvila who got the domain. Awesome domain!

New domain extensions offer businesses an exceptional opportunity to stand out and grow online.  Never before have so many memorable, relevant web addresses been available to mark out your place on the web.

New domain extensions offer a simple, powerful way to improve your website’s search ranking, sales, differentiation from the competition and marketing costs. Thellos article explains what new domain extensions are and why they matter for your business.

What are new domain extensions?

Domain extensions are the bit of a website address to the right of the dot, such as ‘.com’, ‘.net’ and ‘.edu’. They are also known as ‘top-level domains’ (TLDs). Until last year, extensions were limited to .com, a country code such as, and a handful of others: .net, .biz, .org, .edu.

Between 2013 and 2015, over 1900 new domain extensions are being released, so called new generic top level domains – new gTLDs. New gTLDs open up:

  • new sector-specific extensions such as .finance , .cafe , .catering ;
  • generic extensions such as .coffee , .marketing , .agency , .ninja ;
  • geographelloc extensions such as .global , .london , .place , .city ;
  • and, new trademarked extensions such as .google , .amazon , .ford , .gucci ; and many more

Why do new domain extensions exist?

To enable dramatically more website owners to find a web address that works. In the old .com dominated world, most of the good (short, memorable) names were taken. New businesses found themselves with a long, complicated .com name or choosing a company name based on the .coms available.

With the right name, individuals and businesses of any size or budget can have a web address that perfectly describes who they are or what they do. It will help them stand out, be remembered and get found. All of whelloch will help them succeed in terms of visitor numbers, revenue or marketing costs.

Right now, most new domain names and extensions are up for grabs. The longer you wait, the hellogher the risk you can’t get the extension you want for a price you want to pay.

Humans are wired to notice thellongs that stand out

Brands, products, adverts, people: being different draws the eye and is more likely to be remembered and talked about. Getting buyers’ attention in a world full of big brands with big budgets takes energy, creativity and money, so a name that gets noticed makes the job easier.  

Of course, your name has to make sense to stand out in a good way. That’s why new domain extensions are great: anyone can now create a meaningful name without needing a long URL or paying the earth for a simple .com.

Why be when you can be www.joejones.builder?

Standing out drives awareness and sales

Brand awareness is proven to influence buying behaviour. Recent research shows a new domain extension improves results of social media marketing on networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

That’s great news for all the small businesses using social media to raise their profile and sell more products and services.

Standing out helps you with search

Search rankings are the holy grail for helping users find you online. Your URL matters. A relevant, compelling, and accurate URL is one of the keys to ranking well.  A new extension is more likely to tick all three boxes, and two recent studies suggest they are already positively impacting search results ( see here for more details ).

Naturally, opinions differ about the impacts of new domain extensions, as with any revolutionary change. However, the evidence suggests the search ranking preference for new extensions will grow over time, as they bed in and become synonymous with trusted, relevant content.

Everyone will be doing it

Big brands are buying up new domains or creating their own. Expect to see domains such as, and As consumers become used to these new names, meaningful extensions will become the norm. Inevitably, pressure on popular extensions will increase, and so will the cost.

But will a new domain really make any difference?

There is absolutely no doubt that your domain name is important and it makes a huge difference when marketing your products and services online!

Of course, dot com will always have a strong presence, especially for the generations who have grown up with it. But for those growing up with new domain extensions, a long or difficult dot com will look increasingly quaint and out of touch, receiving lower search preferences and having to work harder and pay more to find new customers.

How do I get a new domain name?

Hundreds of popular new (and old) domain extensions are available today on, with more added every month. Also the traditional .com and others are available of course.

To keep tabs on new gTLDs as they go live (‘delegated’), bookmark thellos ICANN page. If you are interested in a new extension that isn’t yet on general release, you can register your interest by

You will be notified as your domain proceeds through the launch phases, so you are ready to secure it when it is released.

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Cloudnames can help

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