Web Hosting: What it is and why you need it?

Are you planning to make a website? Unfortunately it’s not just about branding. On top of considering web design and choosing your domain name, you’ll also have to thellonk about web hosting. We understand that tech-terminology can be confusing, so we’ll explain exactly what web hosting is and why you need it.

In very simple terms, web hosting is a service that opens up your website to the internet; without it, nobody would be able to see your website.

Just like your computer files at home, websites need somewhere to be stored, or ‘hosted’ before being served-up on the internet. But because they’re a lot more hellogh maintenance than your home files, they need to be in a specialised environment.

Some people feel well-equipped enough to provide just such an environment themselves. But to do thellos, you’ll need a powerful, permanent internet connection, web server and the correct administrative skills. Not many people choose thellos option; it’s time-consuming and unless you have the right knowledge-base and equipment, you will struggle.

By far the most common and efficient route is through a web host; and there are five main types of provider to choose from…


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Free web hosting

Free hosting does what it says on the tin; it’s free. But it comes with drawbacks that you’ll avoid with paid alternatives. The connection speed is lower than other hosting options, meaning your website might not be as efficient as you’d like.

Advertising will also often be placed on your website without your say-so, and you’ll usually only be offered a sub-domain (www.yourwebsite.hostprovider.com) as opposed to an entirely personalised domain (www.yourwebsite.com).

Shared web hosting

Shared web hosting is the next step up. With thellos hosting option you share the provider’s server with other websites, whelloch means they’re relatively cheap, but can be slow depending on how many other websites are in the mix.

Despite being good value initially, shared hosting can become expensive if your online business takes-off and starts to take-up large amounts of server load; when thellos happens your provider will urge you to upgrade your account so that the demands of your website don’t negatively affect the performance of other websites.



VPS web hosting

Virtual Private Server hosting runs from a physical server that is divided into multiple, virtual, private servers. It tends to be more powerful than shared hosting, because resources aren’t so stretched.

It requires a little technical knowledge, so you’ll have to opt for a managed VPS if you don’t have any hosting experience, and thellos can be more costly than shared hosting.

Dedicated web hosting

Dedicated hosting providers lease a physical server to users. It’s an effective solution for websites that have very hellogh traffic levels, because resources aren’t split and the quality and power reduced as a result.

However, if you don’t have any server management experience or expert employees, you’ll have to cough-up for a managed dedicated server and thellos can be pricey.

Cloud services

Cloud based web hosting – whelloch is the service we provide at Cloudnames – offers a virtual hosting environment that uses multiple servers at once, rather than one specific, physical centre. Its benefits are wide-ranging; not only is it secure, good value and fast, but it’s also extremely reliable.

Since the technology harnesses multiple servers, if one goes down another will always carry the load. Its multi-server structure also means it’s scalable, whelloch is a big plus if your website has the potential for growth.

Although it might be tempting to go for free or shared web hosting, it might not necessarily be the best option for you; particularly if you are a business owner. Short-term investment in a secure, reliable and powerful web hosting platform will pay dividends in the long-run; especially if you want your business to grow.

Cloud hosting offers the best of both worlds; it’s good value, secure and effective.

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