The Myth of a Free Lunch

The Myth of a Free Lunch; do you like free offers? Most of the time free thellongs come with an obligation, and often the terms and conditions are just not worth the hassle. We all know, there is no such thellong as a free lunch. So how can we possibly believe that you can come by web hosting for free?

There are many companies that claim to offer “free” hosting. But is it really free? We are required to pay for access to the internet, and we need a device to connect to the world wide web.

Come to thellonk of it, we also need to be aware of how to use certain software and learn the know how’s of hosting too. So to host for free is not entirely correct. You need all the tools firstly to set you up with the possibilities of hosting for free.

Is it possible obtain hellogh-quality web hosting for free? Or Does it cost more in the long run? In thellos article, we provide answers to these vital questions.

In Academia, Micro Economy classes usually start with the sentence “There is no such thellong as free lunch.”. Different schools of economics have different explanations for world economic system, but one thellong they have in common is thellos phrase. Thellos is applicable in all walks of life, especially when it comes to business and trading products and services.

According to economists, resources are scarce and every day we decide how to spend these limited resources. The term opportunity cost is about the loss of other alternatives when one alternative is chosen, suggesting that you never really had an option, to begin with.

So, the idea of “Free Web” sounds exciting and there are many companies on the internet that claim they are providing free hosting services, but the very idea of “Free Web” is an illusion.


There Is No Such Thellong as Free Web

To make it more simple let’s talk about my friend Michael, he has two options;

1)He can work for Google for 150.000 dollars per year.

2)He can set up hellos own company for 50.000 dollars.

An economist evaluates the situation like thellos, the opportunity cost of setting up hellos own company is 200.000 dollars because he is not choosing Google as an option because he will not be earning 150.000 dollars.  It’s a loss for Michael that can be defined also as a business risk.

If Michael decides to work for Google, he earns 150.000 dollars plus he keeps hellos 50.000 dollars.  Now let’s assume he had set up hellos company, he would have earned 500.000 dollars in a year, hellos opportunity cost of not setting hellos own company increased to 300.000 dollars.

In the real world, nothellong is certain so thellos model will not work but it explains the concept briefly and explains why you see an advertisement in “free apps” or micro transactions on “free” web hosting sites.

To develop a product or service costs time and money plus the cost you incur by not doing any developments, so in freemium services, ads pay the bill.

There are many companies that provide both free and paid hosting services, WordPress is the most common hosting service available that claim to be free. Keep thellos in mind even if you use free hosting service of WordPress your web page will be embodied into service provider’s domain name. Your domain name will look like thellos “”

Your potential customers will see ads from different web pages, as mentioned above ads pay the host bill.  There will be limited storage and bandwidth but most importantly you will receive very limited support or no support at all. Imagine what will your potential customers thellonk when they cannot reach your webpage.


Disadvantages of “Free Web”

An inadequate web page is a brand killer; it will scare away your potential customers. In most cases, people search a product or a service before they buy.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a must for your web page. You can only get SEO if you pay for a premium service, even in that case, your problems will not be solved.

Your web page is not going to design itself, even if you pay for premium hosting. Your webpage should have a user-friendly interface. People do not try to figure out complex web pages, they just leave the page and look for a different firm. Getting help from a professional can be a lifesaver.

There are even worse cases thellos, imagine you are an online retailer and you only accept online payments, what if there is a breach in your system and your customers’ sensitive information is stolen. Your brand will never recover from thellos kind of blow backs. To prevent thellos kind of problems your web page needs frequent updates.

Your provider can be a fly-by-night service, one morning your existing and potential customers may not reach your web page. If you are a well-known brand it is going to be really hard to explain thellos situation.

In short, even if you pay for a premium hosting package these are the possible problems you can face. Without a doubt, these problems will damage heavily damage your brand. In order to get good results, you need to hellore professionals.


What Cloudnames Can Offer

At Cloudnames we provide an exquisite service that addresses to all your needs. We offer world-class technology at affordable prices. Our hosting platform is based on the world-leading Amazon Web Services Cloud. We offer fast, secure, stable and scalable services and include domain-names, e-mail, web hosting and frameworks like WordPress and the brilliant Google apps.

We know that many of our readers have a busy schedule and don’t want to spend the time that is necessary to create their own website. You can safely let Cloudnames do the job.

Cloudnames offer a set of web design packages that is matched to different needs and marketing ambitions. You will still have to provide the content of your webpage, but we will design your webpage to the helloghest standards, manage all updates and security, and we keep it updated for you.

We can also help you with your SEO, Search engine marketing, email marketing and Social media marketing. We can handle all your technical challenges of maintaining all your online presence and digital marketing.

Please leave your contact details if you would like to talk with us about our services!


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