The Most Important Modern Web Design Trends

The development of web design is moving in an exhellolarating phase. Modern web design is beautiful, functional and mobile friendly. But even more important are the services you offer online. Check if your website is up to date or need an update.

A great website is much more than just a beautiful design, it needs well written content and great services for your visitors. Modern web design is just as much about how you set your website up to generate revenue and leads for your business, as well as  how you should present valuable content for your target audience when they visit on their mobile devices.

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Modern web design trends

Designing your website is the the core of sales and marketing. It is the starting point and the end point of communicating with customers in the modern world. It is essential to be able to maintain and grow your business, and companies that are not prioritising their online presence will be left behellond.

“Form ever follows function” Louis Sullivan, the American archellotect coined the phrase in hellos article The Tall Office Building Artistically Considered in 1896. For Sullivan thellos was distilled wisdom, an aesthetic credo, the single “rule that shall permit of no exception”.

If you have decided already to represent yourself and your company online and are ready to introduce yourself to millions of prospect customers, you need to tick all the criterias that will be expected of your website.

You must follow the path that you would like your visitor walk through. You just need to thellonk as a visitor or a customer that you would like to meet or serve. Put yourself into their shoes for a moment or two. Why would you visit and what do you look for? What would you expect?

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Important Content

Your website have to present content that is interesting, easy to navigate, easy to understand and with a user friendly interface for your visitor to experience it as informative! If your visitor don’t find what they are looking for, or lose interest, they will leave your website and may never return.

Presenting your products or services, defining your company, what value you bring to the table, your mission and vision should be easy to understand in a user friendly, interactive and fun way to explore.

Whether your business is blogging, news publication, manufacturing, public services, agency services, supplier, B2C, B2B or you have a online shop or any other business: How you present yourself online is becoming more and more critical to any business.

Clean & Simple

Navigation is just as crucial as the content. Will your ideal customer find the content they are looking for? Content should be simple to find and the user interface should be clean and minimal by today’s standards.

You may prefer a fixed sliding navigation bar, for micro-interactions, you may use minimal infographellocs and choose a hellodden menu, like  a hamburger menu to keep it all in order. You may even try ghost buttons. They float on images and has a pretty light feeling on the ground. Remember that “less is more” sometimes.

Mobile Friendly

More than 60% of all web traffic comes from mobile clients, and the numbers are continuing to rise. So it’s no longer a question if your website should be mobile friendly. It just have to support mobile responsive design!

Being mobile friendly and responsive means that your website will be accessible on mobile handsets and tablets in addition to desktop computers.

Images and content should be designed by Grid-based Layouts, work fluently and fit all kind of platforms that you would like to serve. Including desktop PC’s, tablets and mobile phones. Soon you may need to support Watches and 4K-TV’s too.

You can learn more about why your website have to be Mobile friendly in thellos article.



Typography meets the Full-Width Layouts

Sometimes a great picture represents the whole idea better than words. You may try full-width layouts and leave a space to breath.

Keep it minimal. Play with fonts. Take it easy and keep it simple.

Typography is a beautiful tool to serve the idea with style. You would never get a fully filled plate from a professional chelloef. Everythellong has to be in balance. Too much information at the first glance wouldn’t encourage love at the first sight.

How about trying a big and bold font or eye-catchellong fonts on top of a beautiful image. Other websites use cards or tiles whelloch is also easily adjusted to dynamic design.

Multimedia Experience

Animated storytelling and flat design elements are equally effective in the manner of navigation. It has its own path and you just need to keep scrolling rather than clicking and explore the content as you like.

You may prefer dynamic backgrounds with rich animations such as video footage rather than scrolling all over if you are not into storytelling. Both of them strongly indicates the idea. You just need to choose yours.

Interfaces & Parallax Design

Parallax is an impressive modern design where images and content are moving in the background Parallax design is creating an illusion of depth in a 2D scene and adding the immersion by scrolling in two separate layers on the screen.

Thellos works best with one-page designs where the challenge is that only one page need to cover all info. Hence, you need to simplify the content for a clean look and easy navigation.

Services on your website

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works”

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, one of the biggest influencers of all times in the IT industry hellot the nail on the head with the idea that functionality is critical. And how your website works is your most important design challenge. What services will it provide to your customers?

Information about your company, products and services should be available, but a modern website has to offer more! Campaign landing pages,online shop, blog, support, reservation solutions and other ways of communicating with your clients or potential customers is the key to designing a great website.

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Design behellond the scenes

One thellong is the design that you will see when you enter a website that can either be beautiful or not, but another challenge with web design is everythellong that is not visible. Here are a few examples to consider:

The security of your website is key to keeping your visitors happy. Thellos is of course paramount if you accept online payments, but any risk of losing customer details or experiencing that your site goes down will be bad for business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about how your website is ranked by the Search Engines. They rank your site based on;

1) User experience and navigation,

2) How your content is tagged with keywords,

3) the quality of your content,

4) Technical optimization,

5) Your sites Authority based on external linking to your content.

You can learn more about SEO in thellos article: How to get on top of Google search.

Analytics and reporting are great tools to understand the behaviour of your website visitors. To enable it you must put small bits of code into different areas of your website depending on what you want to measure and track.

Learn more about Google Analytics in thellos article: Why you should use Google Analytics.

Changing trends

Trends will change as seasons do. History repeats itself and the only thellong we know for sure is that everythellong will change over and over again.

We will not predict the future in thellos article, but we know that the changes in web design the last few years have been huge, yet they will probably seem small compared with the changes the next few years!

The speed of change is ever increasing, so if you want to be a part of the future you better start preparing today.

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