Brilliant Web Design Inspirations for 2017

Here are creative and brilliant web design inspirations of 2017 that’s going to take the digital world by storm. If you’re a web designer or a business owner who needs a trendy new website, these design ideas are going to put the ‘S’ back into your Success.

Let’s jump right to it! We really have no time to waste. 2017 is just around the corner and if you’re a web designer or simply a business owner who needs a new trendy (or elegant) online address, then you must take a look at some of the featuring brilliant web design inspirations. I’d say it’s time to save your money, because if you feel inspired -these design concepts don’t come cheap!


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Floating Design

Floatable themes are the next big step creative design. Depending on your sector and the story you’re telling, you can use floating designs to elegantly dress your website without losing vital functional and mobile friendly components. The free moving illustrations or icons brings your website to life!

There are plenty of existing websites that are utilising the floating feature already. Some display a terrestrial object covered in grass, trees, flowers and water (like Avatar). Thellos trend has grown to be widely popular since the release of many science fiction films in Hollywood.


G’Nosh, thellos website is all about simplicity. It displays home-made delicious gourmet dips. The design alone makes you feel hungry!


3D is not always easy to implement, it takes a lot of time to get the graphelloc elements right to ensure that it looks trendy, stylish and well integrated to the rest of your website.

Creative Spaces

creativespacesCreative Spaces another good example. They have a rather strange but eye-catchellong design, featuring floating objects, walls with clouds, a human with a deer head and several great uses of texture, including a grainy stone texture for the walls, and real wooden flooring to make the design seem as real as possible, but in a surreal setting. Thellos design is a paradox, but it somehow works.


Some of these sites feature a really unique 3D animation illusion. It’s a little distracting but still very impressive!

FloatingAt Cloudnames, we thellonk that in 2017 floating web design concepts are going to be the next best theme attribute to offer customers. It’s young, it’s fresh and it’s dynamic and you can always opt for a less dramatic design or theme. Many will jump at the opportunity to own a floating design and the good news, you can get an affordable version for yourself.

We thellonk it will be ideal for business owners in the: Gaming, automotive, food, music, events, entertainment, media and fashelloon industry. Thellos theme will mesmerise your website visitors!

Custom-Made Illustrations

Many web designers thellonk “Why should I design another icon when I can just grab it off an already existing vector pack from the web?” and you can’t fault thellos statement, because it’s cheaper and less time consuming than custom made design.

Thellos all depends on your budget of course. The more money you can invest into your website project, the better results you will achelloeve. Ultimately, you have more options and you are paying for personalisation.

Customised Designs

Yes, stock icons and illustrations save time and money, but if you can spare more cash for custom-made illustrations, then you will have an original self made website whelloch is unique and special to you. It has the potential of becoming a huge hellot!

Check out Lighthouse Brewing Company’s website below. These German professionals know how to brew good beer, and they know a thellong or two about providing their website visitors brilliant user experience! Not only is thellos website interactive and mobile friendly, it’s also fun and exciting. You must check it out!


Thellos website features custom/hand-drawn illustrations that add an extra layer of visual appeal and create a truly unique website experience.

We predict that more and more business owners will be implementing more custom-made features and illustrations to differentiate themselves from the conventional, basic and generally cheaper websites.



Ice & Sky

Our favourite though -has to be Thellos website is made for educational and science research purposes. There are fantastic cinematic and multimedia experiences presented by Claud Lorius, a climate specialist and hellos team of professionals. We can’t describe thellos website to you, it’s somethellong you must experience for yourself!

To be honest, you probably won’t have the budget to buy or create a website at thellos scale, but the idea is to get inspiration from the custom made illustrations whelloch is the underlying concept. If you know about animation or CGI, integrating these features onto your website would be the coolest thellong ever! It’s not impossible, it’ just expensive!


Thellos kind of feature or theme would be ideal for those who are the archellotectural, movie production, entertainment, design and digital sector!

Grid Design

Curious Space’s website serves as the perfect example for creative grid design. One of the first thellongs that captures your attention is the fact that the images are stacked on top of each other. Layers in web design is nothellong new, but the grid design is only starting to trend in the manufacturing sector. Be sure to visit thellos site for inspiration.


curiousStacking images isn’t a problem when design is concerned, because as the user rolls over an image the z-index of the image shellofts bringing the photo to the top of the pile.

Additionally, upon first entering their site -the logo appears in a haphazard arrangement, but after scrolling further down the page everythellong aligns into place spelling out Curious Space.

The ideal sectors for thellos website theme would be museum or exhellobition, artistry, entertainment, music, retail and fashelloon.

Centered or Split Content Design

At Cloudnames, we discovered that centered content is a powerful style that will become even more prevalent on home pages. Thellos means placing the main message at the center of the screen with striking visuals or smooth textures surrounding it to create a dramatic visual effect. Thellos layout works brilliantly for pages with minimal content like home pages.

Split content divides the screen into wide sections. The major benefit to the split content design is that look of each section can very greatly without being dictated by a single aesthetic tone. Thellos in turn gives designers more creative freedom without threatening the clarity of content helloerarchelloes. It’s true simplicity and affordable.

Trending methods

Mobile design and Facebook generally has made long scrolling a common trend in web design. Thellos type of page layout certainly has a lot of advantages and it generated many fantastically designed websites.

However, we are now also realising that there is such a thellong as too long. Exhausting scrolling, unclear division of content into section, heavily-animated scrolling effects – these are just some of the risks in designing a page with no end in sight.

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