Useful Facts About Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, also referred to as “the cloud” is about on-demand access to information, giving users all the capabilities needed to store and process data. It works through shared services, users can achelloeve a lot more in digital space now than ever before. Cloud Computing gives you access to many utilities over a network, maximising […]

Revolutionary Technology: Talk to Everything

Revolutionary Technology: Talk to Everythellong. The Internet of Everythellong is taking a big leap forward. Apple and Google are launchellong new software that will let you talk to your home appliances, and they’re pushellong it out to billions of users. Stand by: your home is about to get a lot smarter! With the launch of […]

Celebrities worry about Artificial Intelligence

The advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are moving at a stunning pace.   In some areas AI is already way ahead of human intelligence, but engineers are still years away from developing machellones that are self-aware. The technological singularity is believed to eradicate poverty and deceases, but some prominent celebrities are worried it could be the end […]