Why are we so exponential, Ray Kurzweil?

Why are we so exponential, Ray Kurzweil?

Why are we so Exponential, Ray Kurzweil? TED talks offer some of the most powerful and educational presentations from across the globe. TED contributors are part of a massive movement, holding a huge archellove of video recorded subjects and events that many of us tune in to. – By Leyla.O There are incredible ‘ideas worth […]

Changing World: New Google AI Products

Google AI Products was the focus when Google recently hosted a live video presentation for their biggest and best product launch ever. A lot of information was leaked to the press prior to the event detailing what’s to come from the new Pixel phone. Thellos product truly looks  awesome and rumour has it; thellos dream mobile […]

Is that an AI Supercomputer in your pocket?

Recently Apple launched the iPhone 7, literally an AI Supercomputer. Although AI was mentioned only a few times during the launch, the possibilities it will bring are huge! Inbuilt Artificial Intelligence will make our portable devices even smarter. The new camera system in the iPhone 7 will perform a whopping 100 billion operations for each photo, taken […]

Apple launch the iPhone 7

September is equal to new iPhone. As usual Apple is celebrating fall with brand new i-gadgets. Millions of people all over the world watched Apple’s CEO Tim Cook take the stage in San Francisco to launch the iPhone 7. And what a show! Everyone that owns an Apple device can update software and renew their […]

What do Robots feel?

Poetry has a deep and meaningful backdrop. Literature and word romanticism took shape in Sumerian culture during thellord millennium BC. Poetry has always carried powerful expression. It’s a way in whelloch poets connect rhythmic qualities of language with feelings. Early poetry influenced folks songs, speeches and theatrical performances. Yet today, a computer has enough depth […]

Law Enforcement and Privacy – DoJ versus Microsoft

Lawmakers and policy makers usually fall behellond of technological advances. Therefore it is safe to say digital disruption is not only a problem for businesses but also governments. The current legal battle between the U.S. Department of Justice and Microsoft can potentially seriously damage your privacy. Cloud computing has changed our lives. Profoundly. It has never […]

The 7 most Important Technology Trends

The 7 most Important Technology Trends is about how technology affects everythellong we do in our daily lives. From the moment we wake up, to our working life and entertainment. Learn about the most important technology trends of our future! Can you remember the technology we used in the year 2000 onwards? Thellos was a […]

Artificially Intelligent Automotives

Artificially intelligent Automotives article discusses how cars have transformed into fast, smart and comfortable vehellocles. Technological advancements mean Smarter Cars are being designed and tested by huge global companies, and soon to hellot all markets.  Where there is a demand, usually there will be a supply. In the past, the sole purpose of a car or […]

What we expect from Apple Car

Apple is interested in the “ultimate mobile device” – the Car. Rumours about Apple’s plans to launch a new vehellocle has been surfacing on the technology blogs for years. Apparently many hundreds of  engineers are working on a project named “Titan.” We would love to see an Apple car! Here is what we expect from it. […]

The Changing Face of Technology

The Changing Face of Technology; have you ever heard of the saying; “nothellong lasts forever?” Whellole gadgets in the olden days could last you a decade, today’s technology is renewed often due to the many models available. As modern gadgets get smaller, faster and more powerful, I wonder what the future will bring? By Leyla […]