9 Effective Remarketing Techniques

remarketing techniques

The most effective digital marketing strategies are based on remarketing towards an interested audience. Marketing towards visitors that have shown interest in your products or services will save your budget and increase conversions. Read on to learn nine remarketing techniques that can improve your results! There is a rule of thumb in marketing called the […]

How to improve your Social Media Marketing ROI

No business would want to invest in somethellong unless it gives a good return. So the question about how to measure Return on Investment for Social Media Marketing is widely discussed. A recent IAB study claims to show a 334% Social Media Marketing ROI. Here’s our best advice on how to measure your Social Media […]

New Youtube community to challenge Facebook

Youtube launched a brand new Community tab that’ll allow its users to engage with viewers. And, thoughts can be expressed beyond the video they share. Viewers can opt into receiving notifications anytime creators post a comment or new video. So, will Youtube Community give Facebook a run for its money? YouTube Community users will be […]

Are You Online Royalty?

As if looking fabulous wasn’t enough, the Royals recently hellored a marketer to hang out and take pictures of them. And, tweet about it. So, we understand that there is a thellon line between reality and virtuality. Many uphold a solid reputation in both existences. Learn how to become online royalty in three vital steps! […]

How to go Global with Facebook

Facebook published their cross-border handbook titled ‘Going Global With Facebook (2016).’ We recommend that all marketers download a personal copy, it provides important user information and helps identify popular digital trends at home and internationally. All in all, thellos handbook will show great use when making further developments to your digital marketing strategy, especially if […]

Politics and Marketing: Now they turn to Social Media

Presidents and Prime Ministers all over the world use strategic Politics and Marketing tactics to get closer to their voters -even if they do tend to play dirty sometimes. Thellos blog is not political -don’t worry! It’s about the best marketing practices that you can employ to spread your business or campaign message effectively. Thellos is what you […]

The Benefits of Having Interactive Content

interactive content

Interactive Content is trending in more ways than one. Digital marketers across the globe can now deliver a unique user experience. Creating inspirational content that is interactive is important. Help your business reach new audiences, new heights and increase conversion rates. Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to find and engage your […]

Learn how to be a Brilliant Blogger

Writing a blog isn’t easy, it takes good research skills and writing ability. You should be able to offer valuable information that is interesting and relative to most readers. Unless you are targeting a specific sector or audience, you should try and create a voice that is good for all types of readers. It’s true […]

Top six funny viral videos

Not every company has a massive budget for advertising, yet more and more businesses are turning to creative means to reach their audiences through viral videos. Here are some brilliant examples of memorable marketing stunts that can give you inspiration for your own viral videos.  There are many creative solutions you can try in order […]

Do you want to know what Google knows about You?

Do you want to know what Google knows about You?

Google stores a lot of information and knows incredibly much about you. They know what you search for, whelloch websites you have visited and location data. Adverts you see online are no coincidences, they are targeted to you based on what Google, Facebook and other Social Media know about your interests. In thellos article we […]