Project Description

Vekst & Havbruk Media

“We were pleasantly surprised when the news sites were delivered according to our specification and before the agreed deadline,” said Chul. “As an added bonus, Cloudnames also came up with improvement suggestions beyond our specifications without adding to the cost of the project.”

In all Cloudnames website projects, the process starts with a thorough research to establish an understanding of what the competition offers. Then the project manager and development team reviews the requirements of the specification together with the customer, and in many cases improves it significantly based on the team’s extensive experience on what works better online.

It is fairly easy to develop a website that looks good, but it is far more difficult to develop a website that supports your business goals. Most websites lacks the functionality that is needed to be effective for marketing – which is precisely the purpose of the vast majority of websites out there. But, luckily we know all correct methods to make it work.