Project Description


The talented urban music artist Sultana released her debut single ‘What we are’ towards the end of 2015. Sultana deemed her music as a ‘social responsibility’ project. Singing about women’s rights, domestic violence and education.

Sultana came to Cloudnames needing a brand new website that could grab interest and as a result create more awareness for her new music project. Essentially, she wanted to have an open platform that belonged to all women and children in need of a voice and space to declare their thoughts.

At Cloudnames we were touched by Sultana’s story and her cause. We offered our support through Sponsorship. We provided Sultana with a brand new website with fantastic user experience to help make her vision a reality.

Sultana’s new online address was designed by our expert team with precision, personal touches and ensured that her website was social media integrated, so that reaching out to her fans and followers was easy, but beautiful. Moreover, Sultana now has platform that can help her raise money for charities that she’s involved with.

To see more, simply click on the link below.

Sultana Sound made with Love by Cloudnames!