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The Secret Brand Acronyms

The Secret Brand Acronyms -concerns all consumers in the World’s market. It’s astonishing how much we actually know about the brands we purchase. What strikes us most is the meaning behind the abbreviated names (or logos). For example, did you know that the name of sports fashion giant ‘Nike’ refers to the ancient greek goddess of victory?

-By Leyla. O

Do you know (or care about) the history behind the brands you regularly buy goods from? We don’t acknowledge brand names -not unless it pops up in our newsfeeds, and gives us all something to gossip about.

American brand Johnsons and Johnsons. A brand name derived from their family lineage, are famously known for products like their talcum powder “suitable” for babies bottoms. J&J started their company with antiseptic products and surgical dressings donkey’s years ago. Unfortunately, they hit the headlines when they were ordered to pay $55M in damages for causing ovarian cancer. And, many similar cases popped up since 2011.


Are you familiar with Fanta? It’s an orange flavoured fizzy drink that’s popular in almost all countries. And, the younger generation loves this fruit refreshment full of sugar and additives.
Apparently, the owners of Fanta ‘coca-cola’ asked their creative team to come up with an idea for a name. They wanted something that would suit this cold and flavorsome beverage before it hit the market.


Fantasy Drink

So, they asked their Dutch team to use their ‘imagination’, which translates as “Fantaisie”.

In the end, it didn’t take much genius to come up with the name ‘Fanta’. Thank you, Germany for your sweet fantasies.

Shopping; where it all is!

Last weekend, I desperately wanted to grab some last minute shopping and luckily the sales were on. I love a good bargain – who doesn’t!

I traveled to Istanbul’s most popular shopping strip called Taksim, it’s equivalent to London’s Oxford Street. However, both strips are unparalleled due to the difference in culture (obviously).

The smell that spreads in the air -in Oxford street it’s of sweet waffles and coffee. Whereas, in Taksim it’s wet hamburgers and roasted nuts. There definitely is a difference.

Taksim Shopping strip

Taksim Shopping strip

I was looking for a particular street called ‘Istiklal’, so I googled the street name on my Apple iPhone. And then I suddenly realised, I don’t even know why my phone is called Apple? But, I know all about google.

Google, originates from a misspelling of the word “googol”. Meaning the number one -followed by one hundred zeros. It signifies that “the search engine” wants to provide large quantities of information for people”.

Forbidden fruit…

As for the brand name ‘Apple’, rumour has it Steve Job’s favourite fruit was an apple. I guess that’s a good reason to name an entire empire after a delicious crunchy munch. However, there are better alternatives to this story.

I read somewhere, the ‘Apple’ brand name represents the forbidden fruit in Gods Kingdom. But, Adam and Eve went ahead and feasted on it anyway.


There is one brand name that I adore, and never fail to confront globally. Did you know that Nivea is derived from the Latin term ‘Niveus’, which means Snow White. A symbol of purity and beauty. The deep rooted meanings in brand names are significant because it upholds the companies reputation and represents the dream.

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Supporting the underlying message

I believe it’s wise to acknowledge what brands and their names stand for. The name of any company will express a certain representation of its core. It’s beginning. Buying products or services also implies that we support the brand and company, we help it grow financially.

The least you can do is, know who you’re buying your goods from. 

Google it

So, I Googled some brand names in order to identify with the company’s themselves.

samsung products

Samsung products


A South Korean company and very well known for its innovative yet affordable technologies.

Did you know that In Korean ‘Sam’ means three (3) and ‘Sung’ means star, so “Three Star” is by definition what Samsung stands for.

Unless you are Korean or know the language, I guess it would be impossible to guess. But why three? Is there a bigger secret in this brand’s acronym?


Sony is derived from the Latin word ‘Sonus’, which simply means sound.

Although Sony is owned by Japanese Moguls covering electronics, gaming and music production. They used a subtle, and worthy title to represent their empire.

My first walkman and CD-player were both manufactured by Sony, and in my time this product was “The bee’s Knees”.

Sony Walkman

Sony Walkman


The popular German brand Adidas is a multinational corporation well known mainly for sportswear and equipment.

I remember very well walking into an Adidas store and my parents kindly purchased a tracksuit in every colour possible (to wear in sports lessons ofcourse). So, there is some weird sentimental value involved.

There had been much speculation over the meaning of its name. Thus, many assumed it was an abbreviation of “All Day I Dream About Sports”- but in actual fact, it’s simply the portmanteau of the Founder’s name Adolf Dassler.

Adidas Tracksuits

Adidas Tracksuits

lego toys

lego toys



I have 7 nieces and nephews in total, and over 20 years I’ve bought lego toys for each of them.

The Lego Group is a successful family owned company based in Denmark. The brand name comes from a contraction of the Danish phrase “leg godt”, which basically means play well. How sweet.


Recently Skype celebrated 10 years of free video communications.

Living in Istanbul, I highly depend on Skype to connect with family, friends, and clients all over the world. The original concept was Sky-Peer-to-Peer, later morphed to Skyper. Finally, the company settled with Skype, which was a good decision- as it’s done so well globally.

using skype is the easiest way to communicate with abroad

using skype is the easiest way to communicate with abroad


Who doesn’t remember Nintendo? My brothers had a game box in the 1990’s. Therefore, off limits.

Nintendo is the transliteration of the Japanese company. ‘Nintendou’ ‘Nin’ means entrusted and ‘ten-dou’ means heaven. I definitely felt like that when I was younger!

Lastly, I give you Pepsi named after the digestive enzyme called Pepsin discovered by Theodor Schwann in 1836? Why would you know it, we consume products mainly without making an inquiry into knowing the history!

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