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How to improve your Social Media Marketing ROI

No business would want to invest in something unless it gives a good return. So the question about how to measure Return on Investment for Social Media Marketing is widely discussed. A recent IAB study [...]

How to use Competitors Backlinks for Better SEO

Do you want to rank higher on Google Search Engine Result Pages? You will still need great content, but one of the most effective ways to rank high is to have valuable backlinks. In this [...]

Movie Releases You Shouldn’t Miss in 2017

The new calendar year has arrived and we’ll all be entering a fresh phase in our lives called ‘2017’. And, thanks to big budgets and stunning special effects, Epic films to break box office records [...]

New Youtube community to challenge Facebook

Youtube launched a brand new Community tab that'll allow its users to engage with viewers. And, thoughts can be expressed beyond the video they share. Viewers can opt into receiving notifications anytime creators post a [...]

Do UFO’s Exist?

Former Area 51 Scientist Boyd Bushman claimed that aliens and UFOs do exist. Before Bushman died in 2014, he spoke with Mark Q. Patterson an aerospace engineer about his wild and wonderful experiences. The scientist [...]

Are You Online Royalty?

As if looking fabulous wasn't enough, the Royals recently hired a marketer to hang out and take pictures of them. And, tweet about it. So, we understand that there is a thin line between reality [...]

How to go Global with Facebook

Facebook published their cross-border handbook titled ‘Going Global With Facebook (2016).’ We recommend that all marketers download a personal copy, it provides important user information and helps identify popular digital trends at home and internationally. [...]

Apple launch the iPhone 7

September is equal to new iPhone. As usual Apple is celebrating fall with brand new i-gadgets. Millions of people all over the world watched Apple's CEO Tim Cook take the stage in San Francisco to [...]