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Why Being Online Gives Back!

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur you need to -Be Your Best Online! A-Mat delivers food boxes with all the ingredients you require to cook delicious recipes from your personalised dinner plan! The [...]

How to create Good User Experience

Defining user experience is as simple as acknowledging your own feelings when purchasing goods or services. If you’ve felt fantastic about the whole practice of trying and buying, than you’ve had a great user experience. [...]

Why Life is a Business

Sometimes getting organised is not that easy, especially if you have children or other responsibilities. In the last year, at Cloudnames we’ve encountered many types of customers. A lot of them come to us for [...]

Bots: Our tiny but powerful little helpers

Tech giants like Apple and Google have made Apps the big thing in software development. Now, developers have begun to speculate and debate whether apps will be replaced by something smaller, more intelligent and faster. [...]

Changing World: New Google AI Products

Google AI Products was the focus when Google recently hosted a live video presentation for their biggest and best product launch ever. A lot of information was leaked to the press prior to the event detailing [...]

What Marketing Apps are you using?

With new mobile Marketing Apps launching daily, it can be very difficult to know what’s cool, and what’s garbage. The right apps can make your social media life easier, but finding them can be tedious and [...]

Is that an AI Supercomputer in your pocket?

Recently Apple launched the iPhone 7, literally an AI Supercomputer. Although AI was mentioned only a few times during the launch, the possibilities it will bring are huge! Inbuilt Artificial Intelligence will make our portable devices even [...]

9 Effective Remarketing Techniques

The most effective digital marketing strategies are based on remarketing towards an interested audience. Marketing towards visitors that have shown interest in your products or services will save your budget and increase conversions. Read on [...]