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How To Use Humor In Content Marketing

How to use humour in content marketing relates to anything that will make your audience laugh. But, marketers must find the right balance between putting a smile on customers faces and professionalism.

Specify a target audience and creating valuable content on a regular basis that is relevant to them is where the hard work lies. Marketers need to observe their audience well enough to know their reflexes at different kind of circumstances, they should figure out what kind of content will be helpful to them.

More importantly, by observing and analysing marketers should be able to find out what will make their audience engage whilst entertaining them. Using humour in Content marketing is the best way to trigger your target audience and move them toward the path of conversion.

Humour in Content marketing beats real-life!

According to Nielsen Global Survey of Trust in Advertising Q1 in 2013, %46 of people can resonate with real-life situations, meanwhile, %54 of the people can resonate itself with humorous ads. Trusting these numbers and adding some humour to your content (blogs, e-books, videos etc.) you will also be able to analyse the reactions of the spectator and their experience through their observations.

In Social Media for example, if a person reads a post and identifies with it, most of the time they will either leave a comment, share or like the post. And what these reactions tell us that the engaging audience subconsciously identifies or empathises with it. Why? Because they had a similar experience sometime in their life already.

Thus, laughter or comedy which is easily digested and fun to produce has been a great tool for content marketing. Now we are going to tell how to use this brilliant tool in content marketing without damaging your content with irrelevant or unprofessional materials.

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“Do you remember the bucket challenge? It went viral and everybody was taking part!” This is a brilliant example of using humour in content marketing.

Be memorable

Companies make big sacrifices to be able to create a content that attracts and retains customers. They invest a big amount of money to make their content discoverable, reusable and relevant. But what is the point of creating something valuable if the content is forgettable?

According to the researchers, the audience typically remember only 10% of a content, meanwhile, 90% is completely erased from memories! So think about how much time and money you can save if you can figure out how to create content that is stackable or better yet, viral!

In addition, the American Psychological Association stated that; psychologically and physiologically humour helps students to learn during their learning process. According to another study by Chegg, nearly 80% of college-age kids remembered ads that made them laugh.

 It’s important that your content sticks with your audience, if there is an on and off switch in the brain, you must aim to be ‘ON!’ all the time.

It’s important that your content sticks with your audience if there is an on and off switch in the brain, you must aim to be ‘ON!’ all the time.

Content marketing isn’t a marriage, it is the first date. So be a nice date, break the ice between you two reveal some information about your brand, create a memory by entertaining your partner/audience and in result get your second date that you wished for (or at least a Facebook follow).

When it comes to creating a content that is humorous and memorable, the important thing to remember is to make something interpersonal. Contrary to common belief, humour is not something universal.  

To be able to figure out what your target audience laugh or empathise with, you need to follow what they are going through their lives. Because for instance, if someone finds the content humorous, they will subconsciously identify or empathise with it. Why? Because they would have had a similar experience sometime in their life already.

Know Your Audience

Even though you are selling a product or service, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use a little laughter in the process. But first, in order to understand who your audience is, you’ll want to do a little research to identify who is actually consuming your content. You need to make sure if your audience can handle light humour.

Even Obama using social media to keep his followers entertained

Even Obama using social media to keep his followers entertained

Most of the time knowing your audience isn’t enough, you need to know them well enough to identify their weakness’ as well as what triggers or lead magnets that can grab their attention.

Comedy is actually relevant to pain. You need to find out what your customers are going through in their lives and what they are experiencing in order to provide a healing message. To be able to create relevant content for your audience, you must identify what is happening currently, whether it be local, regionally in the world and in relation to their area of interest.  

Another way to reach your audience when you want to use comedy in content marketing is to find the specific language which suits best to your target audience. For instance, if your target audiences are teenagers, don’t be afraid to add some new age slangs to your comedy. In this way, your young audience will be able to relate themselves more to your brand. Make sure that the format of your content is relatable to your target audience’s age, for instance, GIFs can be a big help in this kind of marketing strategy.

Be Relevant

The digital world is a big chaotic place where people can easily get distracted by. It is a big noisy universe, where there are video contents, graphics, blogs, webinars, e-books and others; therefore marketers should find a way out. The best way to do this is to create something unique in parallel to something which the audience can relate them.

Making your target audience laugh is a great success! But if your comedy is irrelevant to your product, what is the point of making them laugh. Therefore make sure to create a humorous content which is related to your product. If your humour is relevant and reachable to your audience, then you have a powerful tool to humanise your product or services. It is a way to show that it doesn’t take itself seriously and this shows a confidence to your audience.

Define Their Place

In the last 8 years, social media has become an inseparable part of our lives. We use social media via our smartphones, portable devices and laptops. Every hour of every day we connect with other people; make comments, follow our favourite brands and even check social media channels for news. New generations, for instance, was born in this digital era, they are the main users and main dynamics of these platforms, the evolution of this digital era depends on them.

Therefore be your best online! Create a website for your product or services. A website shows who you are; it shows your present, past and your future. This is now the easiest way to reach your audience, and the more and more is coming with new generations!

It is not that old fashioned TV spots are dead. But, integration with social media helps to trigger the interaction with your consumer. You can engage and connect with them on a deeper level on your Facebook page which is linked to your website. Don’t forget to refer your advertisings on your social media accounts to your website as well.

You can build entertaining contests, games which will extend your interaction with your potential customers since most of them spend their 4 hours on the internet a day. Play with trending topics, ask them about the news, and use humour to be able to connect with your audience. Since they are used to be exposed to information all day in just one click they don’t get very much surprised by anything, so make sure keeping your visitors curious: humorous that creates curiosity, revealing a secret or showing an exclusive footage might help.


Now, you have seen that the comedy content you created worked in your product. Thanks to comedy and laugh that you brought to your target audience, you may start to make your product memorable.

But you should know that your work is not done unless you don’t get feedbacks from your audiences. Feedbacks from your target audience will allow you to improve your “comedy voice”.  By feedbacks you can keep measuring your audience and what their needs or how they respond to your comedy.

It is also important to understand which post will be beneficial and which one is not. More importantly which content is beneficial to use comedy and which one is not appropriate. Here are some blog types that you can benefit from humour may apply:

  • Content that has a sentimental component which is supplemental to the message.
  • Doesn’t contain heavy data.
  • Weakly illustrated with a stock image.

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