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Why are we so exponential, Ray Kurzweil?

Why are we so Exponential, Ray Kurzweil? TED talks offer some of the most powerful and educational presentations from across the globe. TED contributors are part of a massive movement, holding a huge archive of [...]

Movie Releases You Shouldn’t Miss in 2017

The new calendar year has arrived and we’ll all be entering a fresh phase in our lives called ‘2017’. And, thanks to big budgets and stunning special effects, Epic films to break box office records [...]

Do UFO’s Exist?

Former Area 51 Scientist Boyd Bushman claimed that aliens and UFOs do exist. Before Bushman died in 2014, he spoke with Mark Q. Patterson an aerospace engineer about his wild and wonderful experiences. The scientist [...]

Top six funny viral videos

Not every company has a massive budget for advertising, yet more and more businesses are turning to creative means to reach their audiences through viral videos. Here are some brilliant examples of memorable marketing stunts [...]

What do Robots feel?

Poetry has a deep and meaningful backdrop. Literature and word romanticism took shape in Sumerian culture during third millennium BC. Poetry has always carried powerful expression. It's a way in which poets connect rhythmic qualities [...]

The Secret Brand Acronyms

The Secret Brand Acronyms -concerns all consumers in the World’s market. It’s astonishing how much we actually know about the brands we purchase. What strikes us most is the meaning behind the abbreviated names (or [...]

Light and Dark Side of Content Marketing

The galaxy was in peril. The hype was beyond comprehension. The Force was about to awaken,either to guide or to serve us. Dark and Light, Jedi and Sith, friends picked their sides to fight. For [...]

9 Life Lessons From a Comedian

The Australian comedian Tim Minchin has made one of the funniest and truly inspirational speeches in history - recorded on video. Check out the video - and laugh your way to great life lessons - [...]