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This section contains news about the developments happening at Cloudnames. You can find details about our products and services, job-listings and career section. We spend a lot of time on networking channels like Facebook and Twitter. It’s hard work- but someone’s got to do it.

Inbound Marketing Automation Solutions

Modern sales and marketing automation software can make running your department so simple. For example, you can automate things like content creation, distribution, lead capture, CRM and importantly measure ROI. In this article, we’ve looked [...]

Why Being Online Gives Back!

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur you need to -Be Your Best Online! A-Mat delivers food boxes with all the ingredients you require to cook delicious recipes from your personalised dinner plan! The [...]

Why Life is a Business

Sometimes getting organised is not that easy, especially if you have children or other responsibilities. In the last year, at Cloudnames we’ve encountered many types of customers. A lot of them come to us for [...]

Apple launch the iPhone 7

September is equal to new iPhone. As usual Apple is celebrating fall with brand new i-gadgets. Millions of people all over the world watched Apple's CEO Tim Cook take the stage in San Francisco to [...]

Anne’s Publishing Startup Dream

Anne Nygren is living her startup dream! In 2002 she started “Flyt forlag” a book publishing company. After sailing through 18 countries with her family, she decided to devote her time to publishing books about [...]

Law Enforcement and Privacy – DoJ versus Microsoft

Lawmakers and policy makers usually fall behind of technological advances. Therefore it is safe to say digital disruption is not only a problem for businesses but also governments. The current legal battle between the U.S. Department [...]

Recruiter’s Advice for Job Interview Success

A recruiter's advice for job interview success is vital. Do you have a job interview coming up? If you've submitted applications, you don't need luck to bring you success. Instead, you need to be well [...]

How to get a perfect website

Would you like to have a perfect website that has beautiful design, is always secure and updated regularly? We often ask ourself why there are so many bad websites out there? We have compiled a [...]

How Facebook is Dealing With Terrorism

Facebook came under siege from thousands of its users, blaming the social networking site for not responding to terror ridden content quick enough. Some 135,000 people have signed a petition already with, who are [...]