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How to use the new Facebook pixel

Are you using Facebook for content marketing. Or, to promote your products or services? Understanding how the new Facebook pixel works is key to effective marketing on Facebook. In this article there is a step [...]

Content Production for your Website

It’s estimated that 76% of companies will increase investments in content marketing this year. Budgets will increase by 50%, and large amounts of marketing budgets will be allocated to Social Media Marketing efforts. Is your [...]

How to Get Started with Facebook For Business

Facebook for business tackles all kinds of marketing problems. Companies across the globe still struggle to understand how social media can be effective. We’ve put together useful information that'll support your marketing ambitions. Learn how [...]

Business Mortality – Company life spans reduced

The life span of companies across the globe is getting shorter each year. According to a recent study made by Stratix Group in Amsterdam; many businesses in Japan and Europe lasts on average 12.5 years. [...]

The Secret Brand Acronyms

The Secret Brand Acronyms -concerns all consumers in the World’s market. It’s astonishing how much we actually know about the brands we purchase. What strikes us most is the meaning behind the abbreviated names (or [...]

How Netflix transformed from DVD rental to Global Internet TV

We are in the middle of a digital revolution that will affect every company and every sector. We can learn a lot from Netflix, which is a success story that every company should study. How [...]

How to make a Social Media Marketing Plan

Using Social Media for marketing can be very effective if you do it right! In fact, our research shows it can be anywhere between 10 - 100 times more effective compared to other, more traditional [...]

How to make Perfect Landing Pages for your website

How to make perfect landing pages for your website is beneficial for you to learn. If you’re a serious business owner and can vouch that you’ve spent years building a good reputation for your trademark. [...]

How you can use your blog to get new leads.

Did you know that blogs are one of the most reliable leads generators? Today, customers want to connect with their favourite brands or businesses online. The age of personalised services is here and having a blog, [...]

Social Media Exploited

Social media exploited regards online users who claim to be “experts” in digital marketing. The truth is, many only know how to litter and exploit social media platforms. Algorithms are developed all the time to [...]