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How To Use Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook recently showed excitement by announcing; Facebook Instant Articles will now be open for all publishers (of any size) anywhere in the world.  In the past, Facebook worked with hundreds of publishing companies. They provided [...]

How To Develop Your Brand Identity

 How to develop your brand identity in simple steps starts by understanding consumer behaviour. This allows you to recognise the impact of buying processes. By looking at the level of buying interest online and consumption [...]

How To Use Humor In Content Marketing

How to use humour in content marketing relates to anything that will make your audience laugh. But, marketers must find the right balance between putting a smile on customers faces and professionalism. Specify a target [...]

Bad Reviews Are Business Killers of Our Age

Bad reviews are business killers of our age. The internet, especially social media offer brilliant tools for entrepreneurs. Consequently, unsatisfied customers do use the very same platform to hit back. Bad reviews can easily kill [...]

What do Robots feel?

Poetry has a deep and meaningful backdrop. Literature and word romanticism took shape in Sumerian culture during third millennium BC. Poetry has always carried powerful expression. It's a way in which poets connect rhythmic qualities [...]

How To Build an Effective List of Keywords For AdWords

Google AdWords can be extremely effective to get more business. You can capture potential customers right when they are in the midst of searching information about your products and services. Like all digital marketing, the [...]

How to create your own Youtube Channel

It takes a few minutes to create a Youtube channel. Learn how to create your own YouTube channel and customise it, whether it’s your personal channel or strictly for business. You can personalise your page and [...]

How to get on top of Google Search

SEO carried out correctly can bring you lots of new business if you rank high in search engine result pages. SEO is much to do with common sense and has nothing to do with secret [...]

Law Enforcement and Privacy – DoJ versus Microsoft

Lawmakers and policy makers usually fall behind of technological advances. Therefore it is safe to say digital disruption is not only a problem for businesses but also governments. The current legal battle between the U.S. Department [...]

Recruiter’s Advice for Job Interview Success

A recruiter's advice for job interview success is vital. Do you have a job interview coming up? If you've submitted applications, you don't need luck to bring you success. Instead, you need to be well [...]