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How To Be A Brilliant Blogger

Writing a blog isn’t easy, it takes good research skills and writing ability. You should be able to offer valuable information that is interesting and relative to most readers. Unless you are targeting a specific [...]

Creative Video Marketing

Not every company has a massive budget for advertising, yet more and more businesses are turning to creative means to reach their audiences. Here are some brilliant examples of memorable marketing stunts that can give [...]

What Google Knows About You

Google stores a lot of information and knows incredibly much about you. They know what you search for, which websites you have visited and location data. Adverts you see online are no coincidences, they are [...]

Why Facebook Doesn’t Approve Your Adverts

If you're using Facebook for marketing -You may have experienced Facebook not approving your adverts. This is frustrating and quite often it's hard to figure out why an ad is not approved. Here are the [...]

5 Steps To Improve Your Digital Strategy

If you want to survive in today's disruptive market, you need to be your best online! Every business needs a Digital Strategy that; Supports business objective, gives good conversions and improves interaction with potential or [...]

Why Your Logo is Important For Digital Marketing

Logos are an essential part of business. It’s a visual representation of your brand or business that sticks with people. A logo can really anchor the availability of your products and services, and can make [...]

5 Most Popular Fashion Apps

People who are interested in fashion know that following trends can be really challenging and expensive. Catching up with the latest cycles of fashion and sales require real dedication, awareness as well as a considerable [...]

What You Can Learn From Going Digital

At Cloudnames, we’ve developed our products and services quite a bit! In a very short period of time, we went from offering a world leading web hosting platform to being an overall digital agent of [...]

Facebook For Business: Meet ‘Canvas’

We recently shared an article with you about the launch of Facebook ‘Instant Articles’ which is a brilliant publishing tool that can now be utilised by everyone- not just publishing companies. However, we are more [...]

How Successful is Your Online Community?

Online Communities are about two things; Interacting with customers and engaging them on a personal level to help develop your products and services further. You must evaluate the value of your digital presence. Businesses have [...]