About Cloudnames

At Cloudnames we offer the right tools, products and services to help you be your best online. We can manage your overall Digital Strategy, Website, Social Media profiles, Digital Marketing and all the complicated technical details associated with your website, that can effectively grow your revenue online.

With more than 20 years experience, the founders of Cloudnames have an extensive knowledge and understanding of online businesses. In the past, among many -the owners established fruitful companies like:

RiksNett (1996); The European Web Hosting Company, -Active 24 (1998); Scandinavian Consulting Company, -Embriq (2004) and Dot GLOBAL (2012).

Now they are challenging the Digital Marketing industry with new and improved technology, valuable digital products and services, expert advice and ROI consulting as well as helping you provide an even better user experience for your customers. All to benefit your own business ambitions.

What we have realised is that; The development of technology is advancing at a fast pace. And, it is critical for most businesses to support their business goals with an online presence. This means maintaining a fully functional, mobile friendly website with a digital marketing strategy.

The focus for Cloudnames is to help customers maximise the results of their investments in Digital Marketing. Our success comes from your success, so we take your achievements very seriously.

Here are just some of our services that will enable you to Be Your Best Online:

  1. Digital Strategy and Business Consulting
  2. Growth Driven Digital Marketing
  3. Managed Web Design and Hosting
  4. Social Media Management and Marketing
  5. Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing
  6. Remarketing in all Digital Channels
  7. Building Corporate Identity
  8. Graphic design (Logo, banner ads, brochures etc)
  9. How can we help you?

It’s easy to make a good looking website, but putting together all the software and services required for a successful website is technically challenging, yet it plays a vital role in your revenue generation.

We take care of all the difficult technical details so that you can focus on your core business. Remember that most web designers are not marketing experts, so our focus stays heavily on our knowledge of Digital marketing when designing your website.

Our products and services are available in all countries, we currently have reference clients from the UK, Norway, Sweden, Turkey and USA. Our aim is provide a personalised experience, whereby we look at your overall business to best develop and design your online address and manage your marketing.

Contact a member of our team for more information: hello@cloudnames.com

The Team @Cloudnames

Jan Sollid Storehaug
Jan Sollid StorehaugFounder and CEO Norway
Jan is head of Cloudnames team in Norway. Cloudnames is the most recent addition to his entrepreneurial career in leading technology startups. Jan’s drive and ambition for Cloudnames helps keep the team focused and motivated to accept only the best. His enthusiasm for business can be matched with family life. Jan’s inspiration can be tied to his beautiful wife Bente and their five children, plus their small farm located in Hvaler south of Norway. He is also the proud co-owner of 19 various pets.
Pål Storehaug
Pål StorehaugFounder and CEO Turkey
Pål is a serial entrepreneur from Norway, living in Istanbul. He has worked for global enterprises like Apple, Xerox and Telenor and in many other startups. Over the last 10 years he has held the CEO position in a variety of companies, including one which was listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. His career has involved international sales management, management consulting, IT development projects, cloud technology and digital marketing. In his private time he loves to sail, paint, sculpt and sometimes he likes to entertain with his favorite Taylor guitar.
Leyla Ok
Leyla OkDirector of Operations
Leyla is Director of Operations at Cloudnames Turkey and U.K. representative. She is responsible for all departments. Leyla ensures the smooth running and management of Cloudnames Turkey while liaising with the Norwegian office. She is an expert researcher and writer, business consultant and gathers essential information that is specific to the Company’s interest. Leyla is originally from London and she’s a published author, poet and lyricist. She holds great enthusiasm over good food, good music and travelling to good places.
Onur Gozupek
Onur GozupekChief Technology Officer
Onur is a Senior member of Cloudnames. He is the Chief Technology Officer and has years of technical experience under his belt. He has been developing websites since 1998, and as the Project Manager he is responsible for the Web design team. Onur is charge of all the technical stuff that goes on behind the scenes. He is a devout family man and loves to spend quality time with his gorgeous baby daughter, Ipek. Onur appreciates disconnecting from the world by indulging in adventure and fantasy books. If you have any technical questions, contact onur@cloudnames.com
Selen Irfan
Selen IrfanMarketing Consultant & Project Manager
Meet Selen, our Marketing Consultant and Project Manager. Selen’s expertise are in the field of Social Media Marketing, Google Adwords and Analytics. Playing a key role in advertising and designing campaigns at Cloudnames, Selen is fantastic with identifying customer needs. In her spare time Selen loves to travel, cook Italian and socialise, ideally she loves to do all three combined. If you have any marketing related questions, feel free to contact selen@cloudnames.com
Jarle Ørnebo
Jarle ØrneboMarketing Manager
Jarle is a Marketing Manager at Cloudnames Norway, and has more than 20 years experience in business development, technology and marketing. In his spare time Jarle is involved with his local community and likes to take part in political discussions. He loves to travel between Norway and Spain, the south coast and mountains. If you have any business related queries feel free to contact jarle@cloudnames.com
Tuncay Dinc
Tuncay DincArt Director
Tuncay is the Creative Head at Cloudnames. With a keen and selective eye for detail, Tuncay knows key design components very well, and shares his vision with the rest of the team. With a hand in Web and Graphic Design, he works collaboratively with the team. Tuncay enjoys travelling and reading, but his biggest passion is rock and metal music. If you have any design related questions, feel free to contact tuncay@cloudnames.com
Oguz Durmaz
Oguz DurmazWeb Developer and Designer
Oguz is an expert web developer and designer. He loves to test and try new features all the time, so if you have a crazy design idea, he would be the ideal person to talk to. Oguz is also a heavy coder, he dreams in code. In his spare time, you may find him roaming the streets trying to capture his little Pokemons friends. Aside from his virtual life, he also likes to socialise with real people too, but only those who understand Middle Earth. If you have any questions about web design or coding you can contact him on oguzd@cloudnames.com
Jørn Kåre Haugland
Jørn Kåre HauglandSupport Technician
Jørn Kåre is an ambitious member of Cloudnames support team. His day is all about helping our customers, which makes him a key member in our company. Jørn Kåre knows about IT Services and has plenty of experience in good customer care. Aside from helping customers with technology, Jørn Kåre is a professional when it comes to mixing a mean cocktail at Risor’s Cocktail Factory Club in Norway. So if you are in town for the weekend enjoying a cocktail or two, you might meet Jørn Kåre behind the bar mixing your drinks.
Simen Lied
Simen LiedProject Leader
Simen Lied is passionate about Internet Technology and entrepreneurship. Having studied modules in psychology, business administration and marketing in the past, he decided to learn more about IT and developed his skills further. He loves working with Cloudnames due to sector variation and the challenges involved. Simen is good at research, if he doesn’t know the answer to a problem, he will most definitely find the solution one way or another. If you have questions, feel free to contact simen@cloudnames.com
Tor Kvande-Pettersen
Tor Kvande-PettersenProject Manager
Tor is a certified chef and has more than 20 years experience in the hospitality sector in Norway. He also ran his own bar, which means his social skills are brilliant. Tor has been working in Scancode for the last 5 years, a company now owned by Cloudnames. He puts service and peace of mind at the forefront and his aim is to have 100% satisfied customers. Tor lives in the small village Vinterbro, south of Oslo with his girlfriend, three children and a cat.
Oguz Mamunlu
Oguz MamunluJunior Web Designer
Too cool for school, Ozzy is our Junior Web Designer at Cloudnames. As a talented designer and aspiring developer, Ozzy has brilliant web capabilities and brings a fresh outlook to the table. With his bubbly and infectious character, he caters to our younger demographic. He loves food, music, taking pictures of himself and he enjoys the company of friends and family, let’s not forget the girls. If you’re single or need website assistance, feel free to email oguz@cloudnames.com

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